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The Switchback is designed to be versatile; store it easily in the RV or while camping, cut limes down by the pool, or use it as a serving board in your apartment.

Built To Last - The Switchback is made from bamboo due to its long term strength and sustainability. The Board itself is 3/4" thick, 50% thicker than the industry average to ensure years of use.

High Quality Knife - The Switchback comes with its own chef's knife inset inside the cutting board itself. The knife is constructed from corrosion resistant materials making it perfect for prolonged outdoor use

Silicone Cover - The Switchback comes with its food-grade silicone travel cover. The cover keeps your knife secure and cutting area sanitary during travel. It can also be used on the backside of the board to keep it from slipping on wet surfaces

Drip Groove - The 8" x 12" Cutting Area is surrounded by a drip tray to keep your area clean


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