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The Krazy Beaver Mud / Beach Shovel is absolutely incredible for clearing mud out from under a trapped vehicle or digging for Pirate Treasure at a Beach.  Its patented unique perforated design allows water and air to transfer eliminating the suction caused while digging in mud.  Likewise when the shovel is turned over the mud has nothing to stick to so the mud releases like a hot knife through butter.   The removable D-Grip allows for water to be removed in the event the shovel is submerged.  (While the shovel head is manufactured outside the United States, the handle, D-grip and Quick Release Pin are all USA made and assembled in the United States)

WARNING: Shovel is specifically designed for mud and sand.  If used to dig hardened dirt the shovel may collapse voiding warranty.

Krazy Beaver Mud Shovel

SKU: 45640
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