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Designed for rafting, coolers, kayaks, river trips, and whatever adventure you find on the water.

The Rollercam® Classic is perfect for keeping your gear securely tied down in all the elements. Sold in our signature straight-end cam strap design. The waterproof webbing holds righter than standard cam buckle tie-downs, thanks to our patented roller design. Available in a variety of strap lengths for every need — big and small.

Includes One (1) Straight End Strap


  • Featuring Patented Rollercam® Buckle

  • Rollercam® Classic Blue

  • Polypropylene Strap

  • Triple-Bar Tack Stitching

  • Woven-in Length

  • T-135 Polyester Thread

RollerCam Striaght (Classic)

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