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The incredible variety in beverage-holding vessels (tumblers, insulated tumblers, cans, bottles, plastic cups, paper cups, etc.) these days wasn’t enough to stump our design team on this one. The Universal 1-Cup Holder has the range to hold just about everything thanks to its 4” opening. This cup holder uses a set of rubber flaps in the opening to keep your drink from flopping around, and they provide just enough friction to keep your drink from bouncing right out of the cup holder in rough seas, whether it's a tiny 2" diameter can of Red Bull to a jumbo 3.75" diameter 40oz. can of Schlitz (CLASSY!). To top it all off, it has a tool-free mechanism to easily change the vacuum mount’s orientation from vertical to horizontal to 45 degrees, which makes just about any rigid, smooth surface on the boat suitable for mounting.

Universal 1-Cup Holder

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